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01 Family Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
01 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
01 Service/Retirement Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
02 Family Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
02 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
02 Service/Retirement Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
03 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
03 Service/Retirement Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
04 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
04 Service/Retirement Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
05 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
06 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
07 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
08 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
09 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
1 Ribbon - Ribbon Bar TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK$4.30
1 Ribbon Medal Bar (full size)$4.25
1 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$3.85
10 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
10 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$7.50
10th Light Horse Cap Badge$21.00
11 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
12 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
12th 16th Hunter River Lancers Cap Badge$21.00
13 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
14 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
14th Australian Light Horse Regiment Lapel Badge$15.00
15 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
16 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
17 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
18 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
19 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
1914 StarDie Struck$27.50
1914-15 StarDie Struck$27.50
1914-15 Star Ribbon250mm$5.40
1939-45 StarDie Struck$27.50
1939-45 StarDie Struck$27.50
1939-45 Star Ribbon250mm$5.40
1939-45 War MedalDie Struck$27.50
1939-45 War Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
1st 15th Royal New South Wales Lancers Cap Badge$21.00
1st Armoured Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
1st Commando Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
1st Rising Sun Cap Badge1902$15.00
2 Ribbon - Ribbon Bar$5.00
20 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
21 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
22 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
23 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
24 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
25 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
26 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
27 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
28 Military Honour Board SampleP.O.A.$0.00
2nd 14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI) Cap Badge$21.00
2nd Cavalry Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
2nd Rising Sun Cap Badge1902$15.00
3 Ribbon - Ribbon Bar$5.65
3 Ribbon Medal Bar (full size)$6.20
3 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$4.70
30yr Silver Star$5.40
3rd 4th Cavalry Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
3rd 9th South Australia Mounted Rifles Cap Badge$21.00
3rd Cavalry Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
3rd Rising Sun Cap Badge1904$15.00
4 Ribbon - Ribbon Bar$6.20
4 Ribbon Medal Bar (full size)$6.40
4 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$4.90
4th Cavalry Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
4th Rising Sun Cap Badge1949 (Gold coloured)$15.00
5 Ribbon Medal Bar (full size)$6.80
5 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$5.10
5th Rising Sun Cap Badge1956 (Gold Coloured)$15.00
6 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$5.45
6th Rising Sun Cap Badge1969 (Gold Coloured)$15.00
7 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$5.70
7th Battalion Lapel pin$15.00
7th Rising Sun Cap Badge (Current)1991 (Gold Coloured)$15.00
8 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$6.90
80th Anniversary Armistice Remembrance Medal$20.75
80th Anniversary of Armistice Remembrance Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
8th 13th Victorian Mounted Rifles Cap Badge$21.00
9 Ribbon Medal Bar (miniature)$6.95
AAMWS Shoulder Badge$13.50
Adelaide University Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
Afghanistan Medal 1878-80$21.75
Afghanistan Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
Africa StarDie Struck$27.50
Africa Star Ribbon250mm$5.40
Air Crew Europe StarDie Struck$27.50
Air Force Long Service & Good Conduct Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
Ambulance Service Medal$27.50
Ambulance Service Medal (ASM)$27.50
Ambulance Service Medal Lapel Pin$15.00
American Dog Tags$29.95
Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-72$27.50
Anniversary of National Service Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
ANZAC Commemoration Medal Lapel Pin$15.50
ANZAC Memorial Plaque$25.00
Army Combat Rediness Badge$16.50
Ashanti Star$25.00
Atlantic StarDie Struck$27.50
Australia Shoulder Badge$15.00
Australian Service Medal 1945-1975Die Struck$27.50
Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975$27.50
Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975Die Struck$27.50
Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 Ribbon250mm$5.40
Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75Die Struck$27.50
Australian Active Service Medal 1975$27.50
Australian Active Service Medal 1975Die Struck$27.50
Australian Active Service Medal 1975 Ribbon250mm$6.40
Australian Afghanistan Medal$27.50
Australian Antarctic Medal$25.00
Australian Army Band Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Australian Army Catering Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Australian Army Combat Badge$15.00
Australian Army Exemplary Service Badge$15.00
Australian Army Infantry Combat Badge$15.00
Australian Army Intelligence Cap Badge$21.00
Australian Army Legal Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Australian Army Psychology Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) Beret Badge$21.00
Australian Bravery Medal (BM)$27.50
Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal$21.75
Australian Civilian Service Medal$21.75
Australian Coat of Arms (Nickel)60mm x 45mm OUT OF STOCK$16.50
Australian Defence MedalDie Struck$27.50
Australian Defence Medal$27.50
Australian Defence Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
Australian Dog Tags$29.95
Australian Fire Service Medal$25.00
Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM)$25.00
Australian Fire Service Medal Lapel Pin$15.00
Australian Fire Service Ribbon (250mm)250mm$6.50
Australian General Service Medal for Korea$27.50
Australian Iraq Medal$27.50
Australian National Medal$27.50
Australian National Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
Australian Police Medal$25.00
Australian Police Medal (APM)$25.00
Australian Police Medal Lapel Pin$15.00
Australian Police Medal Ribbon250mm$7.50
Australian Rising Sun Crest$27.00
Australian Security Medal Clasp$10.00
Australian Service Medal 1939-45Die Struck$27.50
Australian Service Medal 1939-45Die Struck$27.50
Australian Service Medal 1939-45Die Struck$27.50
Australian Service Medal 1939-45 Ribbon250mm$5.40
Australian Service Medal 1945-1975Die Struck$27.50
Australian Service Medal 1945-1975$27.50
Australian Service Medal 1945-75 Ribbon250mm$5.40
Australian Service Medal 1975$27.50
Australian Service Medal 1975Die Struck$27.50
Australian Service Medal 1975 Ribbon250mm$6.40
Australian Sports Medal$25.00
AWAS Lapel BadgeSew on$13.50
Baton Tip PinGold or Silver$15.00
Bravery Medal$25.00
Bravery Medal Lapel Pin$15.00
British Empire Medal Ribbon (Civillian)250mm$6.40
British War MedalDie Struck$27.50
British War Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
Burma StarDie Struck$27.50
Burma Star Ribbon250mm$5.40
Centenary Medal$25.00
Centenary of Federation Lapel Pin$15.00
Champion Shots Medal$21.75
China War Medal 1900$21.75
China War Medal Ribbon$5.50
CMF Lapel Badge$15.00
CMF Tie Pin$15.00
Combatant De La Somme Medal$23.50
Commendation for Brave Conduct$8.00
Commendation for Distinguished Service$8.00
Commendation for Gallantry$8.00
Companion of the Order (AC) (Medal Only)$35.00
Conspicuous Service Cross$27.50
Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC)$27.50
Conspicuous Service Cross Lapel Pin$15.00
Conspicuous Service Cross Ribbon250mm$7.50
Conspicuous Service Medal$27.50
Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM)$27.50
Conspicuous Service Medal Lapel pin$15.00
Conspicuous Service Medal Ribbon250mm$7.50
Croix De Guerre Ribbon250mm$7.50
Cross of Valour$27.50
Cross of Valour Ribbon250mm$6.40
Crossed 303 Rifles$13.00
Defence Force Long Service Medal$27.50
Defence Force Service MedalDie Struck$27.50
Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM) Ribbon250mm$6.40
Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM) Rosette$5.40
Defence Long Service MedalDie Struck$27.50
Defence Long Service Medal (DLSM) Ribbon250mm$6.40
Defence MedalDie Struck$27.50
Defence Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
Distinguished Service Cross$27.50
Distinguished Service Cross Ribbon250mm$6.40
Distinguished Service Medal$27.50
Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)$27.50
Distinguished Service Medal Ribbon250mm$7.50
Dutch War Cross$22.80
East & West Africa Medal 1887-1900 with Benin 1897 Clasp$21.75
Efficiency Decoration Ribbon250mm$6.40
Efficiency Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
Egypt Medal 1882-89$21.75
Emergency Services Medal$27.50
Emergency Services Medal Lapel Pin$15.00
Emergency Services Medal Ribbon250mm$6.60
France & Germany StarDie Struck$27.50
France & Germany Star250mm$5.40
Gallantry Citation$22.00
General Service BadgeBronze or Copper$15.00
General Service Medal 1918-62$25.00
Greek War Medal$22.75
Group Citation for Bravery$22.00
Handcuffs Tie PinGold or Silver$15.00
Huey Helicopter 72mm x 40mm (Antique Nickel)$10.75
Huey Lapel Badge$15.00
Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal$25.00
India General Service Medal 1854-95$25.00
India Medal with Relief of Chitral Clasp$21.75
Indian Mutany Medal$25.00
Indian Mutany Medal with Central India Clasp$25.00
INTERFET Medal$25.00
Iraq Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
Italy StarDie Struck$27.50
Italy Star Ribbon250mm$5.40
Khedive's Star$22.00
Kings South Africa Medal$20.75
Korea MedalDie Struck$27.50
Liberation of Philippines Medal$27.50
Medal for Gallantry$27.50
Medal Mounting Bars$0.00
Medal of the Order Of Australia (OAM) Ribbon250mm$13.00
Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)(Medal Only)$34.00
Melbourne University Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
Member of the Order (AM) (Medal ONly)$34.50
Mercantile Marine War Medal 1914-18$20.75
Merchant Navy Lapel Badge$15.00
Meritorious Unit Citation$22.00
Monash University Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
National Medal Rosette$5.40
National Police Service Medal$27.50
National Police Service Medal Ribbon250mm$6.00
Naval General Service Medal 1915-62$25.00
Neville's Special Order$40.90
New Zealand 150th Anniversary Medal$27.50
New Zealand East Timor Medal$27.50
New Zealand Operational Service Medal$27.50
New Zealand Service Medal 1939-45$27.50
New Zealand Service Medal for 1946-49$27.50
Norforce Cap Badge$21.00
Norforce Lapel Badge$15.00
NSW Corrective Services Bravery Medal$27.75
NSW Corrective Services Exemplary Conduct Cross$27.75
NSW Corrective Services Exemplary Conduct Cross Ribbon250mm$7.40
NSW Corrective Services Long Service Medal$27.50
NSW Corrective Services Meritorious Service Medal$27.50
NT Police Service Medal$25.00
Nursing Service Cross$27.25
NZ WW1 Cap Badge$21.00
NZ WW1 Expeditionary Force Cap Badge$21.00
OAM Lapel Pin$15.00
Officer of the Order (AO) (Medal Only)$34.50
Officer of the Order of Australia Ribbon250mm$15.00
Officers Training Unit Cap Badge$21.00
Order of Australia Lapel pin$15.00
Pacific StarDie Struck$27.50
Pacific Star Die Struck Replica MedalDie Struck$27.50
Pacific Star Ribbon250mm$5.40
Papua New Guinea Independence 1975 Medal$27.50
Papua New Guinea Independence 1975 Medal Ribbon (Miniature)$4.20
Paratrooper Lapel Pin$15.00
Pilbara Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
Pingat Jasa Malaya Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal$25.00
Plastic Pocket Slides (Medals Holder) Max: 5 per order$5.00
Police Overseas Service Medal$27.50
Police Overseas Service Medal Ribbon250mm$7.40
Public Service Medal$25.00
Public Service Medal (PSM)$25.00
Public Service Medal (PSM) Lapel Pin$15.00
Queens Champion Shots Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct$8.00
Queens Golden Jubilee Medal$22.00
Queens Golden Jubilee Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
Queens South Africa Medal$20.75
Queensland Agricultural College Training Unit Cap Badge$21.00
Queensland University Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
RAAF Readiness Badge$17.50
RAAF Wings$16.00
Remembrance MedalDie Struck$96.25
Reserve Force Decoration$25.00
Reserve Force Decoration Ribbon250mm$6.40
Reserve Force Medal$25.00
Reserve Force Medal Ribbon250mm$6.40
Returned From Active Service BadgeKings or Queens Crown$15.00
Rob's Special Order$16.20
Royal Aust. Elec. & Mech. Engineers Cap Badge (OUT OF STOCK)$21.00
Royal Australian Air Force Cap Badge (Current)$21.00
Royal Australian Air Force Crest$30.00
Royal Australian Army Dental Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Army Armoured Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Army Pay Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Army Service Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Artilery Corps Cap Badge (RAA)$21.00
Royal Australian Aviation Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Corps of Military Police (MP) Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Corps of Signals Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Corps of Transport Cap Badge$26.00
Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) Cap Badge (OUT OF STOCK)$21.00
Royal Australian Infantry Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Navy Crest80mm x 45mm$30.00
Royal Australian Navy Lapel Pin$15.00
Royal Australian Regiment (Skippy) Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Australian Survey Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Military College Duntroon Cap Badge$21.00
Royal Western Australian Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
Silver Anchor 48mm x 45mm$13.00
SLR Rifle (180mm length)$20.00
Special Air Service Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
St John's Star Lapel Pin$13.50
St Johns Silver Star$5.40
Star of Courage$27.50
Star of Courage (SC)$27.50
Star of Courage Lapel Pin$15.00
Star of Gallantry$27.50
Star of Gallantry (SG)$27.50
Star of Gallantry Ribbon250mm$7.70
Sth Vietnam Campaign Medal$27.50
TAS Police Service Medal$25.00
Territorial Force War Medal 1919$21.75
The Australian Security Medal(Boxed)$80.00
The Far North Queensland Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
The Royal New South Wales Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
The Royal Tasmanian Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
The Royal Victorian Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
Timor-Leste Solidarity Medal Ribbon250mm$7.50
Tri Services Crest (Gold, Silver, or Bronze)$27.00
Tri Services Lapel Badge (Copper)$15.00
Tri Services Lapel Badge (Gold)$15.00
Tri Services Lapel Badge (Silver)$15.00
UN Korea Medal$25.00
University of New South Wales Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
Victoria Cross Ribbon250mm$7.50
Victoria Cross Rosette$5.40
Victory MedalDie Struck$27.50
Victory Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
Vietnam Lest We Forget Cross$10.00
Vietnam Logistic & Support MedalDie Struck$27.50
Vietnam Logistics & Support Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
Vietnam MedalDie Struck$27.50
Vietnam Medal Ribbon250mm$5.40
WA Police Cadet Medal$25.00
WA Police Commissioners Medal$25.00
WA Police Overseas Service Medal$25.00
WA Police Service Medal$25.00
War Medal 1939-45Die Struck$27.50
Western Australian University Regiment Cap Badge$21.00
Womens Royal Australian Army Corps Cap Badge$21.00
Wound Stripe$10.50
WW1 A Lapel Badge$13.50
WW1 Death Plaque (80mm)$26.00
WW1 Returned from Active Service Badge$15.00
Zimbabwe Independence Medal$20.75